X-Ray Diffractometer

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X-Ray Diffractometer

Product Code: 1.06.01/ATICO64403

X-Ray Diffractometer Manufacturer



  • Power – 600W, Tube voltage – 40KV, Tube current – 15mA, Shutter – Rotary shutter linked to interlock,X-ray Tube – Cu, Co, Fe, or Cr


  • Divergence slit – Fixed or variable; Scattering slit – Fixed; Receiving slit – Fixed; Filter – Kβ foil filter;Monochromatic:  Graphite; Soller slit – 5.0° or 2.5°


  • Type: Vertical; Radius: 150 mm; Scanning range: -3 to 145° (2θ); Scanning speed: 0.01 to 100°/min (2θ); Minimum step width:- 0.005° (2θ); Accuracy: ±0.02°


  • Scintillation counter: NaI scintillator; D/teX Ultra (Optional): High speed silicon strip detector

Power Supply

  • Main body: 220/240 VAC 1φ ±10%; PC: 220/240 VAC 1φ ±10%


  • Computer(PC) interface
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