Whirling of Shaft Demonstrator

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Whirling of Shaft Demonstrator

Product Code: 1.06.01/ATICO75618

Whirling of Shaft Demonstrator Manufacturer


The set up is designed to study the whirling of shafts. The set-up consists of a sturdy frame, bearing holders, variable speed motor etc. to drive the shaft along with speed control unit. Different bearing can be fitted in bearing block to have different end conditions i.e.

(i) Both end fixed

(ii) One end free and one end fixed etc.

Technical Details :
Test Shafts
Length        :          1000 mm each

Diameter    :          3.2,4.8 & 6.4 mm (approx.)

Quantity     :          Two each.

Kinematic coupling bearing for fixed or free ends without restraint.
Drive motor, 5000 rpm, FHP

Display of various modes of whirl for a shaft with
Both ends directionally fixed.
One ends fixed and other free
Both ends directionally free.
Modes of vibrations can be studied and frequency can be measured

Utilities Required :
Floor area of 2m x 0.5m.
Electricity Supply 230 V AC, Single Phase, 0.5 kW.
Digital Tachometer

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