Water Multimeter

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Water Multimeter

Product Code: 1.07.01|ATICO95375

Water Multimeter Manufacturer


  • Multimeter for DO, Conductivity, and pH Multi Dual Input Portable Meter for pH & Conductivity or pH & DO
    Standard and rugged (field) electrodes available.
  • 500 measurement point storage memory,
  • Simple data transfer to printer or computer,
  • INTELLICAL electrodes  that automatically remind user when calibration is necessary,
  • Resolution (selectable): 0.1/0.01/0.001
  • Simple calibration with screw on calibration sleeves,
  • Measuring range pH: 0 – 14,
  • Measuring range Conductivity: 0.01 µS/cm – 400 mS/cm,
  • Measuring range Oxygen (LDO): 0.00 – 20.0 mg/l; 0 – 200%
    For measuring pH, dissolved oxygen conductivity and temperature of water samples while in the field (lake, streams, ponds, etc)
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