Water-To-Air Heat Exchanger Trainer

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Water-To-Air Heat

Product Code: 1.07.01/ATICO41069

Water-To-Air Heat Exchanger Trainer Manufacturer

Water To Air Heat Exchanger Trainer

  • Transfer characteristics of a water-to-air heat exchanger
  • Water-to-air heat exchanger as cooler for hot water
  • Electrical heater with thermostat
  • Closed hot water circuit including heater, tank and pump
  • Water flow and air flow rates adjustable
  • Determination of volumetric air flow rate via differential pressure at orifice plate flow meter
  • Electronic Sensor With Digital Display



  • Power consumption: 140W
  • Head: 4.3m
  • flow rate: 3500L/h


  • Material Cu/Al
  • Heat transfer area: 2.80m²
  • Capacity: 2kw
  • Flow rate: 100L/min
  • Water temperature: 70°C

Heater: 2kW


  • Power consumption: 0.25kw
  • Pressure difference: 430Pa
  • flow rate: 13m³/min
  • Hot water tank: 28L

Measuring Ranges

  • Temperature: 0…100°C
  • Water Flow Rate: 0…6m³/H
  • Delivery Pressure Water: 0…4bar Abs.
  • Differential pressure (orifice plate flow meter): 0…10mbar
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