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Product Code: 1.07.01/ATICO41015

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Designed for Saybolt universal and furol viscosity testing.

  • With a capacity of four viscometers and 60ml receiving flasks, the bath features sliding draft shields, chemical-resistant alignment plates for handling of flasks and a glare free
    fluorescent backlight for easy viewing of test
  • The insulated bath interior is constructed entirely of heavy-gage stainless steel and the built-in overflow pipe and drain valve simplifies filling the bath oil to the required level.
  • The bath is supplied complete with four thermometer supports, four port covers, four chained corks, two port closures, tube nut wrench, orifice wrench, withdrawal tube and oil strainer. Viscometer tubes, orifices, receiving flasks
  • Temperature stability is ±0.05°F (±0.03°C).
  • Simple push-button controls and dual digital displays are used for easy setting and monitoring of the baths temperature.
  • A chemical resistant top plate provides insulation and is easily removed to allow for cleaning of the bath interior.



  • This is also utilized for analyzing the Say bolt Furol viscosity of bituminous materials at different temperatures such as 250, 275, 300, 350, 400 and 450ºF. It is suitable to operate on 220 V. 50 Hz, Single Phase. AC Supply.
  • It is highly efficient and durable say bolt Viscometer for the empirical measurement of Saybolt Viscosity of petroleum products at temperature range between 70ºF and 210ºF. Viscosity is determined by noting down the time taken by 60 cc of the material to flow through a specified orifice.


 Specifications & Features:

  • Withdrawl tube
  • Universal Tip,
  • Thermometer support for cup and circular spirit level
  • Stirrer with shield
  • receiving flask,
  • It consists of one each
  • Insulated handle and thermometer support
  • Furol Tip,
  • filter funnel
  • Dimmerstat for temperature control
  • Cylindrical Oil Cup,
  • Bath Fitted with immersion heater mounted on a stand
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