Venturi Meter Inclusive Of Inlet And Outlet Tanks

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Product Code: 1.06.01/ATICO64417

Venturi Meter Inclusive Of Inlet And Outlet Tanks Manufacturer


It is based on the principle of the head loss and is used for the Hydraulics Bench mounted between the Constant Head Inlet Tank and the Variable Head Outlet Tank.

The upstream and throat pressure tappings are used for flow measurement whilst the downstream tapping allows an assessment of the pressure recovery to be made. The throat diameter is 11 mm and the upstream and downstream pipe diameters are both 21 mm.

To be supplied with the following;

  • Inlet tank
  • Outlet tank

Key Features

  • Robust circular-section Venturi tube for longlife
  • Transparent manometer tubes for a highlyvisual display of the pressure distributionalong the Venturi
  • Compact and simple to operate
  • Multiple manometers for direct measurementof static heads
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