UV -Visible Spectrophotometer

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UV -Visible

Product Code: 1.07.01|ATICO95355

UV -Visible Spectrophotometer Manufacturer


  • Computer control with Win Lab Software version 4.1 SP1.
  • Real time double beam all reflecting optical system except for furnace operation which is single beam.
  • Littrow configuration grating monochromatic.
  • Segmented discrete solid state detector with CMOS charge amplifier array and software controlled automatic gain control.
  • Positions for 8 single and multi-element lamps
  • It is also possible to use 4 EDL lamps. Flame atomization with a Premix burner system and pneumatic nebulizer and interchangeable burner heads.
  • Electro thermal atomization with a transversely heated graphite furnace incorporating an electromagnet for longitudinal Zeeman Effect background correction.
  • System should be supplied with Auto prep 50 sample prep system, Furnace cooler, AS 800 and AS 90A auto samplers. Air pumps and Air Moisture filters 5µ & a 0.1µ filter attached after the air compressor for the removal of moisture, oil, dust, and mist particles inclusive.
  • Unit should use Acetylene gas and air mixture.
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