Trinocular Metallurgical Microscope

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Trinocular Metallurgical Microscope

Product Code: MM-003

Trinocular Metallurgical Microscope Manufacturer

  • Body: Trinocular Head inclined at 45-degrees.
  • Focussing: Both side co-axial focussing knobs.
  • Nosepiece: Quadruple revolving nosepiece with accurate centering & positive click stops.
  • Stage: Large Co-axial Mechanical Stage for X-Y movement of specimens.
  • Illumination: Brightfield vertical illuminator 6V-20W Halogen with field diaphragm, filter slots and bulb centring mechanism.
  • Objectives: Achromatic DIN M4X-M10X & M40X.
  • Eyepieces: H6X-WF10X-H16X (any two)
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