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Product Code: 1.06.01/ATICO64422

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Torsion Apparatus is a most useful piece of bench mounted equipment and consists of a horizontal unit to take specimens up to 6 mm diameter by 450 mm long (0.25 inches x 18 inches). The torsion head is supported in ball bearings and torque is applied by a mass hanger and masses. Angular displacement is measured by a dial and pointer which can slide along the base to enable readings to be taken at any point. Supplied complete with a stainless steel specimen of 6 mm dia and one pointer.


  • Demonstration of torsion characteristics of small diameter rods of different materials
  • Determination of modulus of rigidity of different materials


  • Compact bench top unit
  • Simple operation, with accurate repeatable results


  • 41 cm long x 20.5 cm wide x 22 cm high
  • Gross : 18 Kg
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