Thermal Radiation Unit Apparatus

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Thermal Radiation Unit

Product Code: AT504

Thermal Radiation Unit Apparatus Manufacturer

  1. Investigating thermal and visible radiation
  2. Blackbody emitter with thermopile to investigate thermal radiation
  3. White light source with luxmeter to investigate visible radiation
  4. Absorption plate and reflection plate fitted with thermocouples to investigate Kirchhoff’s laws
  5. Intensity of thermal radiator and light source adjustable
  6. 3 colour filters with holder (red, green, infrared), aperture
  7. Luxmeter to measure the illuminance
  8. Thermocouples to measure the temperature
  9. Thermopile to measure the radiation capacity

Technical Data

Thermal Radiator

  1. power output: 400W
  2. max. temperature that can be reached: 150°C
  3. radiation surface area: 0,032m²

Light Source

  1. power output of light bulb: 42W
  2. angle of rotation, both sides: 0…90°
  3. illuminated area: 0,0289m²

Measuring Ranges

  1. illuminance: 0…2.000 Lux
  2. temperature: 2x 0…1.000°C
  3. radiation capacity: 0…400W/m²
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