Thermal Conductivity Of Metal Rod Apparatus

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Thermal Conductivity Of Metal Rod

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The experimental set up consists of metal bar, one end of which is heated by an electric heater while the other end of the bar projects inside the cooling water jacket. A cylindrical shell filled with insulating material surrounds the middle portion of the bar. The temperature of the bar is measured at different sections. Heat Input to the heater is given through variac. By varying the heat input rates, data can be obtained. Water at constant rate is circulated through the jacket and its flow rate and temperature rise is noted.

Technical Details:

Metal Bar

Material : Copper

Length : 510 mm (approx.)

Diameter : 25.4 mm

Test Length : 295mm

Cooling Water Jacket

 Length : 75 mm

Diameter : 100 mm

Heater                               :           Band Type / Nichrome Wire
Water Flow measurement            :           By Measuring cylinder & stop watch.
Control panel comprises of           :

Digital Voltmeter               :           0-300 Volt.

Variac                               :            0-230 V, 2 Amp.

Digital Temp. Indicator      :           0-299.9oC, with multi-channel switch.

With standard make On/Off switch, Mains Indicator etc.

To plot the temperature distribution along the length of Bar.
To determine the thermal conductivity of given bar at various temperatures

Utilities Required :
Continuous Water supply @2LPM at 0.5 Bar
Floor Drain.
Electricity Supply: 1 Phase, 220 V AC, 2 Amp.
Table for set-up support.
Stop Watch


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