Tensile Testing

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Tensile Testing

Product Code: 1.06.01/ATICO55424

Tensile Testing Manufacturer


With wide expertise in the domain, we have come up with a remarkable gamut of Tensile Testing Machines. These machines are suitable for testing a wide range of materials like rubber, wood, plywood, plastic, ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals etc. of various forms like round, flat, thread, wires, strips, ropes, etc. Hand operated cutting press with different size dies are available for cutting dumbbell specimen.


  • Capacity 0-50KN
  • Units N, LBf, W,   kN,   T
  • Load Resolution 1/100, 000
  • Load Accuracy within ± 0.5%
  • Maximum trip 1000mm (excluding fixture)
  • Test speed (0.1-300)mm/min
  • Outside Dimension(L× W× H) 985× 510× 1600mm
  • Weight 150kg
  • Power 1 phase, 220V /50HZ
  • Motor Servo Motor
  • Accessory One set of tension fixture, one computer
  • Driver High precipice ball screw
  • capacity 50KN

Some of other details of these tensile testing machines are mentioned as follows:

Also used for testing tension, compression, cross breaking, bending, shear, linear bonding, gripping, peeling strength of adhesives and tapes

Has a continuous roll auto graphic load vs elongation recorder

Elongation scale has a count of at least 1 mm

Has three measuring ranges for accurate testing

Machine with AC or DC drive motor

Loading accuracy is well within ±1%

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