Temperature Measurement Trainer

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Temperature Measurement Trainer

Product Code: AT502

Temperature Measurement Trainer Manufacturer

  1. Steady-state and non-steady-state temperature measurement with 7 typical instruments
  2. Defined temperature steps up to 80°C
  3. 2 Tanks: water tank and heated tank with temperature control
  4. Both tanks fitted with a stirring machine
  5.  Fan generates constant air temperature above experimental tank
  6. Thermometers: mercury, bimetallic and gas; psychrometer
  7. Temperature sensors: RTD thermocouple type K, thermistor (NTC)
  8.  Calibration device: digital voltmeter
  9. 3-channel line recorder

Technical Data


  1. Power: 2kW
  2. Temperature limit: approx. 80°C
  3. Stirring machine
  4. Speed: 330min-1


  1. Motor power 29W
  2. Speed: 1.300min-1

Line recorder

  1.  Paper speed: 0…600mm/h

Measurement Ranges

  1. Mercury thermometer: 0…100°C
  2. Thermometer (organic liquid): 0…100°C
  3.  Bimetallic thermometer: 0…100°C
  4. Psychrometer: 0…60°C
  5. Thermocouple: -40…1.200°C
  6. Thermistor (NTC): 20…55°C
  7. 50…400°C


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