Temperature Measurement And Calibration TH

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Temperature Measurement And Calibration TH

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A benchtop unit designed to introduce students to temperature, temperature scales and commonly available devices to measure temperature.

The equipment comprises a hypsometer/hot water bath and ice flask to generate accurate fixed points (the condensation point and triple point of water) and variable temperatures.

Temperature sensors with different thermometric principles and characteristics are supplied. An accurate platinum resistance thermometer and temperature indicated directly in °C, is included for reference.

The temperature of the condensing water vapour in the hypsometer can be determined accurately using the software or tables in the manual, providing knowledge of the barometric pressure is known. The water level is simply raised to change the hypsometer into a variable temperature water bath.

The unit is designed for safe operation with insulation surrounding the vessel and a protected steam vent. A radiation shield surrounds the sensors to be calibrated to minimise measurement errors. A common carrier enables all sensors to be transferred simultaneously from ice flask to the hypsometer/water bath.

All power supplies, signal conditioning circuitry etc are contained in an electrical console with appropriate current protection devices and an Residual Current Device (RCD) for operator protection.

All thermometric properties and temperatures measured are displayed on a digital meter with selector switch.

All important electronic sensors used on the unit provide outputs for data logging and analysis. The data logger, provided with the unit, interfaces between the unit and the user’s computer using a USB port.

The optional educational software package enables data recording, graph plotting and provides full instructions for setting up equipment and performing the experiments.

All related theory and help texts are provided. The software requires a computer (not supplied) running Windows 98 or later with a USB port.

The following sensors/signal conditioning circuits are included:

Accurate reference PRT with linearised output in °C

Industrial PRT with a bridge circuit to measure the resistance in Ohms. Higher current can be passed through the sensor to show the effect of self-heating

Type-K thermocouple using a precision preamplifier to measure the thermoelectric voltage with cold junction compensation or a second thermocouple in ice as required

Additional thermocouples anable errors due to response and conduction to be demonstrated. An additional conditioning circuit with user adjustable zero and span controls enables the output to be displayed as a direct reading thermometer calibrated in °C

Thermistor with constant current through the sensor to measure the resistance in Ohms

In addition to the thermoelectric sensors a liquid in glass and vapour pressure thermometer are also supplied.


A benchtop unit comprising a hypsometer/hot water bath and ice flask, which generate accurate fixed points and variable temperatures. An accurate platinum resistance thermometer (PT100) and temperature indicated directly in °C is included for reference

Other temperature sensors include: Platinum resistance sensor, K-type thermocouple, thermistor, bimetallic and liquid in glass thermometers

Used to investigate thermostatic properties and characteristics of temperature measurement devices

The hypsometer uses condensing water to generate an accurate calibration point. It is heated by a pair of 1kW electric heating elements with variable power control and overtemperature protection

The electrical console houses all the necessary electronics with appropriate protection devices and an RCD. A digital meter with selector switch displays all thermometric properties and temperatures measured. Corresponding signals are routed to an I/O port for connection to a PC using the Windows operating system, via an interface device provided with the optional software

An optional interface device and educational software package is available

A comprehensive instruction manual with a range of fully detailed laboratory teaching exercises is included.

Key Features

Thermometric properties (physical changes due to temperature) of different sensors are investigated

Condensing vapour (using a hypsometer) provides an accurate fixed point for calibration

Stirred hot water bath provides variable temperatures


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