Stirred Liquid-Liquid Extraction Study Unit

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Stirred Liquid-Liquid Extraction Study Unit

Product Code: 1.06.01/ATICO75675

Stirred Liquid-Liquid Extraction Study Unit Manufacturer

Stirred Liquid-Liquid Extraction Study Unit


To determine overall mass transfer co-efficient based on continuous & dispersed phase.

To determine individual “Height of Transfer Unit” based on continuous & dispersed phase.

Utilities Required :

Compressed Air Supply at 2 Bar, 0.5 CFM

Water Supply

Floor Drain.

Required Chemicals & Laboratory Glassware


The set-up consists of a glass column packed with Rasching rings. Continuous counter current contacts between the solvent and solute phases is made, which results into extract and raffinate streams. Flow meters (Rotameters) are used to note the flow of solvent & solute respectively. The continuous and dispersed phase streams are metered and derived from separate containers. The total set-up is housed in a well-designed rigid structure. The structure also supports tanks, piping, Rotameters, panel and other units.

Technical Details :

Extraction Column                           :               Material Borosilicate Glass, dia. 55 mm, Height 750 mm (approx.).

Packing                                                 :               Rasching Rings, Material Borosilicate Glass,

Feed Tanks                         :               Material Stainless Steel, Cap. 20 Liters. (2 Nos.)

Extract &Raffinate Tanks              :               Material Stainless Steel, Cap 10 Liters.

Feed Circulation                               :               By Compressed Air.

Pressure Regulator                         :               0-2 kg/cm2

Pressure Gauge                                :               Bourdon type, 0-2 kg/cm2.

Flow Measurement                        :               Rotameters (One each for solvent & solute)

Special arrangement for changing height of interface zone is done.

The whole set-up is well designed and arranged on a rigid structure painted with industrial PU Paint.

An ENGLISH instruction manual consisting of experimental procedures, block diagram etc. will be provided along with the Apparatus


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