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Product Code: AT 8091

Solar Energy Laboratory Manufacturer

Features :

  • Study of radiation intensity with different inclinations of the solarimeter
  • Calibrating the solarimeter with the solar radiation
  • Plotting charts of daily diurnal insolation, for total, diffuse and direct radiation, on horizontal surface and on surface perpendicular to the sun rays
  • Graphical and statistical results interpretations
  • Assessing the current output of a solar cell by changing its orientation to the light source
  • Experimental assessment of voltage-current curves of a silicon cell for different lighting values
  • Assessing the maximum electric power output by a silicon cell for different lighting or insolation values
  • Calculating the effi ciency of a photovoltaic cell
  • Parallel and series connection of solar cells
  • Calculation of the average power supplied by a silicon cellpanel
  • Battery recharge

Technical Specifications:

  • The system for solar energy study consists of:
  • 1 solarimeter with bar for shadow projection
  • 1 milliammeter with 2 ranges: 1 mA f.s. (x1, x2)
  • 1 voltammeter with 2 ranges: 1 V f.s. (x1, x4); 0.5 A f.s. (x1, x4)
  • 1 load rheostat
  • 2 silicon solar cells of standard dimensions
  • 2 silicon solar cells of different dimensions
  • 1 portable compass
  • 1 solar tracking system
  • 1 solar panel made of silicon cells
  • 1 lead accumulator
  • 1 d.c. motor
  • 1 solar ruler
  • 1 adjustable stand
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