Rising Film Evaporator

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Rising Film Evaporator

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Rising Film Evaporator Manufacturer


To concentrate a solution and to evaluate the following at steady state:

Material and Heat Balance.

Economy and the capacity of the evaporator.

Overall heat transfer co-efficient.

Utilities Required :

Water supply 5 lit/min (approx.)

Floor Drain.

Electricity Supply: 1 Phase, 220 V AC, 4 kW.

Required Chemicals & Laboratory Glassware


Evaporation deals with the concentration of a non-volatile solute from a solution by the removal of required amount of volatile solvent. Usually the solvent is water. By vaporizing a part of the solvent, useful product i.e. the concentrated solution or thick liquor is produced and the vapour is discarded. Long tube evaporators are usually used for the concentration of foamy liquids.

The set-up consists of stainless steel tubes surrounded by a stainless steel jacket and fitted with accumulator. Dilute solution is feed to tubes. Steam from a steam generator is supplied to shell to concentrate the dilute feed solution to a desired level. The jacket is fitted with a steam trap and the condensate is collected at the end of trap. The vapours of volatile solvent are condensed in a shell & tube type condenser and the balance non-volatile solute collected in the accumulator is recycled through the evaporator.

Technical Details :

Evaporator                                                          :               Material stainless steel

Shell Dia – 75mm, Length – 750mm,

Tube Dia – 12mm, Length – 750mm

Feed Circulation                                               :               By Gravity feed

Feed Tank                                                           :               Material stainless steel, Capacity 25 Ltrs.

Flow Measurement                                        :               Rota meters (One each for feed & cold water).

Steam Generator                                             :               Made of stainless steel provided with Pressure Gauge &

Level Indicator, Safety valve and drain etc. & insulated with ceramic wool and cladding with Aluminium foil.

Piping                                                    :               Stainless Steel and PVC, size ¼”.

Condenser                                                          :               Shell & Tube type made of Stainless Steel.

Bottom Product Tank                     :               Made of Stainless Steel, capacity 10 Ltrs.

Water Supply Tank                                          :               Made of Stainless Steel, capacity 50 Ltrs. for condenser

Pump                                                    :               FHP capacity

Heaters                                                                :               Nichrome wire heater.

Control panel comprises of                          :

Digital Temp. Controller                                :               0-199.9°C, (For Steam Generator)

Digital Temp. Indicator                   :               0-199.9°C, with multi-channel switch.

Temp. Sensors                                                  RTD PT-100,

Standard make On/Off switch, Mains Indicator etc.

The whole set-up is well designed and arranged on a rigid structure painted with industrial PU Paint.

An ENGLISH instruction manual consisting of experimental procedures, block diagram etc. will be provided along with the Apparatus


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