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Radiation And Natural Convection Apparatus Manufacturer

Teaching objectives

The apparatus allows:

  • Plotting of absorption and emission curves of the two bodies under vacuum.
  • Plotting of the heating and cooling curves for the two bodies.
  • Emission and absorption coefficients (Stefan Boltzmann constant).
  • Determination of the conductance by unit area
    – Calculation of heat exchange by convection or radiation.

Technical specifications:

  • Enclosure temperature : Regulated 0 – 299°C.
  • Digital display resolution: 1°C.
  • Maximum vacuum : -0.95 bar.
  • Vacuum gauge range : 0 to -1 bar.
  • Analog outputs .
  • Temperature of the sensor.
  • Derivative of the sensor temperature.
  • Heat exchanger : Mains water supply

Optional Accessories:

  • Data acquisition and analyse system.
  • Including acquisition card, cable and software application to use in Microsoft ® Excel application.

Dimensions and weight

  • 600 x 410 x 280 mm – 14kg.

Essential requirements

  • Electricity : 220/240 volt, 50 Hz, 600 watt.
  • Mains water supply


Last Updated on: 4th Feb 2016

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