Radiation Errors in Temperature Measurement

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Radiation Errors in Temperature Measurement

Product Code: AEFT048

Radiation Errors in Temperature Measurement Manufacturer

• To determine how temperature measurements can be influenced by using the sources of thermal radiation.
• Comprises three K-type thermocouples with different styles of bead mounted in a vertical air duct. A fan at the base of the duct provides a variable air-flow over the cylinder. A band heater heats the duct wall adjacent to the thermocouple beads.
• Heater rating 216 Watt at 24V DC.
• K-type thermocouples measure the air temperature upstream and the surface temperature of the heated duct section.
• On HT16C the air flow is electronically adjustable over the range 0 – 9m/s by a variable speed fan.
• On HT16 the air flow is manually adjustable
• The air flow rate is measured by a vane-type anemometer in the outlet duct.
• A radiation shield can be lowered over the thermocouples to demonstrate the improvement in reading accuracy when the thermocouples are shielded from the source of radiation (On HT16C this is electronically activated, on HT16 it is manually positioned.)
• The accessory is mounted on a PVC baseplate which is designed to stand on the bench top and connect to the Heat Transfer Service Unit without the need for tools.
• A comprehensive instruction manual describing how to carry out the laboratory teaching exercises in combined radiation and convection (free and forced) and their analysis as well as assembly, installation and commissioning is included.

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