Plate and Frame Filter Press

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Product Code: AEFT008

Plate and Frame Filter Press Manufacturer

Plate and Frame Filter Press


• A fully self-contained plate and frame type filter press constructed entirely in stainless steel.
• A centrifugal pump is mounted integrally in the framework and is connected to the filter inlet via a throttle valve and pressure gauge.
• The filter pack is made up of four plates and four frames, which will accept a dressing of seven filter sheets 200mm x 200mm.
• The filter pack and sheets are compressed manually using a hardened steel screw thread.
• Filter surface area is 0.22m² and solids holding capacity is 1.5 litres.
• A back pressure valve is located at the filter outlet.


Feed Circulating Pump
Centrifugal pump of all stainless steel construction with polished internals.

Maximum flow rate: 18.0 litres/min
Maximum head: 2.0 bar
Motor: 0.25kW, 2800 rpm

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