Plasma Cutting Machine

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Plasma Cutting Machine

Product Code: 1.06.01/ATICO45211

Plasma Cutting Machine Manufacturer

These superior quality Air Plasma Cutting Machine are suitable for cutting different types of ferrous and non-ferrous metals with the help of an economical shop floor gas (compressed air). Our range of machines is widely used on profile cutting machine or can be used by normal hand operation. We customize our products to suit the changing requirements of the clients.

Air Compressor Specs.

CFM / LPM : 10/283
Bar : 9
Motor Hp : 3
Cylinder : Twin

Cutting Capacity (SS/MS)
Clean Cut (mm) : 6
Parting Cut (mm) : 10
Torch CoolingAir : Duty Cycle %100
Dimension (mm)
Width : 255
Height : 410
Length : 450
Weight (Kg) : 19
Input Power
3 Phase / 50 Hz / 4 Wire
Input Volt : 380/415
Rated Input KVA : 4.8
Output Current DC (Amp): 30
Max. OCV Volt : 260
Plasma GasAirPressure: Kg/cm2 (Bar)6
Flow CFM / LPM : 2.5/70

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