Near Infrared Spectrophotometer

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NIRS ( Near Infrared Spectrophotometer)

Product Code: 1.07.01/ATICO95399

Near Infrared Spectrophotometer Manufacturer


  • PC controlled advanced FT-NIR system (220-240V V) with windows based operation/working software as well as handling both solid as well as liquid samples with minimum following specifications
  • Spectral Range : Transmission 14000-2200 cm-1 or better
Spectral Range Transmission 14000-2200 cm-1 or better
Spectral Resolution 1 cm-1 to 60 cm-1 or better
Wavelength precision +/-0.03 cm-1
Wavelength accuracy +/-0.2 cm-1 or better
Signal to noise ration <15 μA RMS or better
Source Tungsten or other suitable for above range (sr. no. 1)
Vibration Vibration isolated mechanism
Detectors To cover the range at Sr. no. 1 as well as sensitivity
software Original software Capable of operating in Windows XP or other versions Equipped with basic and advanced data manipulations routines, Spectral calculator, Spectral comparison
PC Branded PC to be supplied along with UPS, Laser printer, interface, licensed software including NORTON antivirus software etc.
UPS Capable of running the equipment safely provided
Accessories In addition to handling liquid samples, measurement of solids (integrating sphere) etc., disposable glass vials provided
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