Natural Convection and Radiation

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Natural Convection and Radiation Apparatus

Product Code: AT514

Natural Convection and Radiation Manufacturer

  1. Apparatus on heat transfer by convection and radiation in gases
  2. Temperature controller
  3. Vacuum pump
  4. 2 temperature sensors
  5. Pressure measurement using Pirani manometer
  6. Pressure measured by pressure sensor
  7. Digital displays for temperature, pressure, and heater power
  8. Operation with different gases possible

Technical Data

  1. Heater: 20W

Radiation surfaces

  1. Heater sleeve: 55cm²
  2. Vacuum vessel: inner sleeve: 0,2m²

Vacuum pump

  1. Power: 370W
  2. Nominal suction capacity: 6m³/h
  3. Pressure range: 10-5…2bar absolute

Measuring Ranges

  1.    er: 0…20W
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