Monocular Research Microscope

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Monocular Research Microscope

Product Code: AEMC107

Monocular Research Microscope Manufacturer

Monocular Microscopes Series meet a wide range of applications from Medical laboratory education to advanced research work. All the main operating functions of the microscopes are within easy reach so that extended observations are possible without eye fatigue or posture. The operational performance of the microscope is enhanced by combining modern design with high quality optics.

Observation Head 45°inclined Monocular head rotatable through 360°.
Nosepiece Quadruple nosepiece with accurate centering and positive click stops
Stage Mechanical stage of 135x140mm. Low co-axial drive controls for X-Y movement and cross movement 50 X 70mm, fully graduated vernier scale.
Illumination 6V-20W halogen lamp, 220/110Volts. Mirror attachment for working in day light.
Objectives Achromatic DIN 4X – 10X- 40X SL and 100X SL Oil immersion
Eyepieces DIN Size Wide field WF 10X and H5x or H6X or h15X (any two).
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