MIG Welding Machine

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MIG Welding Machine

Product Code: 1.06.01/ATICO45213

MIG Welding Machine Manufacturer


Item Unit Specs
Supply V 415± 10%
Phase Ph 3
Frequency Hz 50
Load KVA 18
OCV (DC) V 26-53
Output (Min./Max.) A 80/400
Output Steps Nos 16
Control Circuit V 24
Motor Type Permanent Magnet
Torch Connector Model PM-3
Weight Kg 212
Key Feature:- For Higher Production and RadioGraphic Welding


  • Hi Performance in MIG / MAG Welding
  • Heavy Duty(35% -60%)
  • Performance in working widely uses for Mild Steel, St. Steel & Aluminium, Bronze Alloy Wires.
  • Suitable for Solid Wires & Flux Cored Wire Continuous & Consistent Welding.
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