Michell Tilting Pad Bearing Apparatus

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Michell Tilting

Product Code: 1.06.01/ATICO75617

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 The apparatus consists of a pad, which can be tilted to the required angle. An endless belt, which moves beneath the pad, carries the oil over its surface from oil bath. When the pad is tilted over the oil film, pressure is developed, the pad is provided with pressure tapings parallel and perpendicular to belt direction. The pressure distribution is measured over a multi tube manometer. The belt is driven by a variable speed motor. The tilting angle and minimum gap between pad and belt can be adjusted and characteristics thus can be studied at various gaps, inclination and relative surface speeds.


Technical Details :

Tilting                                 :           Trapezoidal shape,

with highly polished surface & pressure tapings

Belt                                    :           Endless belt running over wide pulleys, immersed in oil bath.
Motor                                 :           Variable speed Motor 1/2 HP, 1500 RPM.
Control Panel                    :           For speed control unit.
Manometer                       :           Multi Tube manometer
Arrangement for measurement of indication and gap.

Demonstration of pressure development.
Plotting pressure variation curve in longitudinal & transverse direction of a pad for various speeds and pad inclination.
Demonstration of cavitations phenomenon

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