Marshall Impact Automatic Compactor. 230V/50Hz/1ph

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Marshall Impact Automatic

Product Code: 1.07.01/ATICO41056

Marshall Impact Automatic Compactor. 230V/50Hz/1ph Manufacturer


  • Marshall Apparatus is used to carry out the stability test.
  • The test is intended for the measurement of the resistance to plastic flow of cylindrical specimens of bituminous paving mixture loaded on lateral surface For use with hot mixture containing asphalt or tar and aggregate up to 25.4mm maximum size.The equipment comprise the following:
    Steel specimen moulds: cylindrical 100mm diameter. 3Nos.
    Steel base plates: 3Nos.
    Steel collars: 100mm diameter. 3Nos.
    Compaction hammers: for use with compaction 2Nos.
    pedestal, 4.5kg weight, with 457mm free fall. Load transfer bar 1No.
    Compaction Pedestal: manual, comprising steel plate capped on a wooden post . A mould clamp is fitted to the top of the base plate. 1No.
    Breaking Head Stability Mould. Complete with dial micrometer bracket for flow measurement. 1No.
    Marshall Loading Unit: motorized, with travel of 50mm/min and fitted with motor, reversing switch and limit switches to restrict the travel. Fitted with hand wheel for finer adjustment to bring the proving ring in contact with breaking head assembly, capable of application of loads up-to 25kN. Suitable for operation from main supply 230volts, 50cycles, single phase, A.C. 1No.



    Essential Accessories:

    1. Proving Ring: 25kN capacity. 1No.
    2. Dial Gauge: .01mm least count x 25mm travel. 1No
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