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Lagged Pipe

Product Code: 1.06.01/ATICO75630

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The Air Conditioning Test Rig unit is required to conduct experiments and demonstrate the process of cooling of atmospheric air. The unit will be fitted with all instruments facilities so that temperature, pressure etc. may be measured at different points in the air conditioning system. The setup also provide the facility to conduct the experiment of heating of air, humidification.

Technical Details:

G.I. Pipe Inner                   :           5-6 cm dia. Approx.
G.I. pipe middle                 :           10-11 cm dia. Approx.
G.I. Pipe outer                   :           15-16 cm dia. Approx.
Length of Pipes                 :           100 cm Approx.
Heater                               :           Nichrome Wire

To estimate the actual rate of heat transfer through the composite cylinders from the measured interface temperature of the two insulating materials with known thermal conductivities.
To determine the effective thermal conductivity of the composite cylinder.
To compare the theoretical temperature profile within the composite cylinders, with that of observed profile.

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