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Product Code: AEFT001

Laboratory Pastueriser Manufacturer

  • A benchtop miniature High Temperature Short Time (HTST) system for the demonstration of the industrial pasteurisation process.
  • Includes a transparent feed tank, a feed pump, a three stage heat exchanger, a holding tube, a divert system and a hot water circulator.
  • The feed pump is a peristaltic pump, with a variable speed control.
  • The heat exchanger is fully representative of large-scale industrial units.
  • It uses stainless steel heat transfer plates.
  • It can be dismantled for examination and cleaning
  • It comprises three stages, a final heating stage, a regeneration stage and a cooling stage.
  • Holding time is 15 seconds at 10l/hr, in a stainless steel holding tube.
  • Process temperature is measured and controlled.
  • Hot water is circulated around the heating stage of the heat exchanger in a closed loop system.
  • A PID controller is used to adjust the electric water heater, keeping the product process temperature at the requested value.
  • Maximum hot water temperature is 85°C. Normal product process temperature is 72°C; this can be varied by the operator.
  • Optional data logger with USB interface is available.

Demonstration Capabilities

  • continuous production process
  • pasteurisation of milk, comparison of raw and treated product
  • control of pathogenic bacteria, shelf life assessments
  • in line logging/data monitoring
  • heat transfer
  • energy conservation, cost and environmental benefit
  • calibration
  • cleaning in place (CIP)
  • process control/feedback
  • quality assurance/quality control
  • links between technology and science

    The equipment illustrates a number of major messages associated with food such as ‘Food is a material’ manufactured in a factory and not in a kitchen; ‘Heat kills germs, cold doesn’t’ (including the importance of hygiene); ‘Energy efficient processes keep prices down and protect the environment’.

    In addition to pasteurisation, used to demonstrate a wide range of important issues in the field of food technology. These topics can be covered at a simple introductory level and at much more sophisticated levels to suit higher educational needs.

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