Journal Bearing Apparatus

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Journal Bearing Apparatus

Product Code: 1.06.01/ATICO75619

Journal Bearing Apparatus Manufacturer

The apparatus consists of a plain steel shaft excavated in a bearing and directly driven by a FHP Motor. The bearing is freely supported on the shaft and sealed at the motor end. The speed of the motor is controlled by the speed control unit. One compound pressure gauge is mounted on bearing to measure the pressure at different position around the circumference. Bearing is free to rotate and can be adjusted at any position of circular scale. The bearing can be loaded by attaching weights to the arm supported beneath it.

Technical Details :
Journal                  :           Diameter 50 mm
Bearing                  :           Diameter 55 mm
Weights                 :           4
Motor                     :           Variable speed FHP Motor
Control Panel        :           Variable speed FHP Motor
Oil recommended    :           SAE 40
Pressure Gauge    :           Compound Pressure gauge (-1 to 1) Kg/cm2

To study the pressure profile of lubricating oil at various conditions of load and speed.
Plotting the Cartesian polar pressure curves.

Utilities Required :
Electricity supply: 230 V AC, Single Phase, 0.5 kW.
Area: 1.5 x1m
Digital Tachometer
Oil SAE 40 about 5 Liters.

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