Ion Exchange Unit

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Ion Exchange Unit

Product Code: WT0005

Ion Exchange Unit Manufacturer

Ion Exchange Unit

A low cost, bench-mounted unit designed to demonstrate the use of ion-exchange resins for either continuous water softening or demineralisation. The equipment is designed to emulate the industrial operation of such units, including monitoring ‘break-through’ and regeneration cycles.

Demonstration Capabilities

  •  The exchange capacities of different resin materialsWater softening using a cationic resin
  • Water softening using a cationic resinRegeneration efficiency of a softening system
  • Regeneration efficiency of a softening systemDemineralisation using two-bed exchange
  • Demineralisation using two-bed exchange
  • Regeneration efficiency of a cationic and anionic resin


Technical Details
Pump: Self priming diaphragm type
Flowmeter range: 10-80ml/min
Sump tank capacity: 20 litres
Anion exchange resin: 0.75 litre
Cation exchange resin: 1litre

Chemicals required (not supplied):
Sodium chloride
Hydrochloric acid
Sodium hydroxide

Ordering Specification
Self-contained apparatus either for single bed water softening or double bed system for demineralisation. Two vertical transparent tubes house the resins. A manifold at inlet/outlet allows flow configuration changes. Equipment includes pump, valves, conductivity meter and sumps for regenerant and test or wash solutions. Typical commercial cation and anion resins are supplied.

Recommended Equipment
Cartridge type water deioniser
Replacement cartridges
Beaker cell

Services Required
Electrical supply:

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