Hydraulic Ram Test Rig

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Hydraulic Ram Test Rig

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Hydraulic Ram Test Rig Manufacturer


Hydraulic Ram is used for pumping small quantity of water at high head, when large quantity of water at small head is available. It operates on the principle that if flowing water is suddenly brought to rest in a long pipe, a phenomena known as water hammer occurs, wherein a pressure wave travels along the pipe. This principle is used in the Hydraulic Ram to pump water The set-up consists of a box incorporating pulse and non-return valves and a supply reservoir on a stand which is fed by the overhead tank. An air vessel above the valve chamber smoothes cyclic fluctuations from the Ram delivery.

Technical Details :
Ram                                  :           Supply Head 1.0 m, Delivery Head 4 m (Max.)
Water Circulation              :           FHP Pump, Crompton make.
Sump Tank                       :           Capacity 140 Liters. (approx.)
Overhead Tank                 :           Capacity 50 liters. (approx.)
Air Vessel                          :           Suitable Capacity.
Flow Measurement         :           Using Measuring Tank & Electronic Stop Watch for waste water                                             and for useful water
Pressure Gauge                :           Bourdon type.


To find out discharge of useful water and waste water.
To find out the efficiency of the Hydraulic ram.
Utilities Required :

Electricity supply: Single Phase, 220 V AC, 50 Hz, 5-15 amp combined socket with earth connection.
Water Supply (Initial Fill)
Floor Drain required.
Floor Area Required: 1.5 m x 0.75 m

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