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Product Code: ATFE004

Hydraulic Press Manufacturer

  • This stage allows the pressing of the mixture obtained after crushing.
  • This system has the advantage of not using electrical energy but only water.
  • Water tightens the natural rubber membrane towards the exterior and compresses the pulp against the stainless steel netted hammer.
  • An exhaust valve protects against any possible overpressure.
  • This system combines pressing and coarse filtration using a filtering canvas which catches the waste.
  • Juice is recovered in a food polyethylene vat (optional).

Teaching objectives

  • Study of the press efficiency according to hydraulic input conditions of the module (water pressure).

Technical specifications

  • Protecting cover
  • Closing nut
  • Ring
  • Cover
  • Filtering weaved bag
  • Stainless steel basket
  • Exhaust valve
  • Shaft

Complete basis with :

  • Natural rubber membrane
  • Feet
  • Water outlet valve
  • Pressure valve
  • Water inlet pipe with GEKA fitting
  • Manometer 0-6 bar


  • Permanent exhaust 40 litres : Dimensions (H x l x p) : 900 x 480 x 480
  • Permanent exhaust 90 litres : Dimensions (H x l x p) : 1070 x 590 x 590

Essential requirements

  • Permanent water supply (3 bars)
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