Hydraulic Bench ( Fixed Speed)

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hydraulic bench

Product Code: 1.06.01/ATICO64415

Hydraulic Bench ( Fixed Speed) Manufacturer


We can use Hydraulics Bench for pumping and volumetric measurement of the water supply with which all the additional accessories and experiments are used. The working surface is moulded in fiberglass and provided with a recessed area on which to mount experiments.

An integral weir tank is provided along with a volumetric measuring tank which is stepped to afford accurate measurement of both high and low flow rates. The measuring tank discharges into a fiberglass sump tank by means of a quick acting PVC ball valve. Electric motors drive fixed centrifugal pumps which deliver water to the outlet at the working surface for connection to the individual experiments. The flow is regulated by a brass valve.


  • Sump tank capacity – 120 litres
  • High flow volumetric tank – 40 litres
  • Low flow volumetric tank – 10 litres
  • Electrical requirements – 240 volt Single phase 50/60 Hz supply


  • Length 1400mm.
  • Width 740mm.
  • Height 1100mm.
  • Weight 70 kg.


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