Heat Conduction in Solids Apparatus

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Heat Conduction in Solids

Product Code: AT505

Heat Conduction in Solids Apparatus Manufacturer

  1. Linear conduction in metals
  2. Specimens placed between electric heater and water-cooled plate
  3. 6 specimens (2x copper, aluminium, steel and
  4. 2x stainless steel)
  5. Heating capacity, adjustable
  6. Raised tank for constant water pressure
  7. 2 thermometers for water temperature
  8. 4 temperature sensors, display with selector switch
  9. Voltmeter, ammeter

Technical Data

  1. Heater: 365W


  1. Copper, Dxl: 40x65mm and 40x30mm
  2. Aluminium, Dxl: 40x65mm
  3. Steel: Dxl: 40x30mm
  4. Stainless steel: Dxl: 40x65mm and 40x30mm
  5. Dewar vessel: 2.1L
  6. Raised tank: water pressure: 356mmWC

Measuring Ranges

  1. Temperature (thermometer): 2x -10…50°C
  2. Temperature (sensor): 4x 0…200°C
  3. Voltage: 0…230VDC
  4. Current: 0…1.5A


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