Heat Conduction Apparatus

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Heat Conduction Trainer

Product Code: AT513

Heat Conduction Apparatus Manufacturer

  1. Trainer to determinate the steady state and non-steady state thermal conductivities
  2. Water-filled heat source and heat sink
  3. Raised tank with overflow to generate a constant initial pressure
  4. Temperature and flow rate measurement for cooling water
  5. Electric heater with PID controller
  6. Digital displays: heating capacity, temperatures

Technical Data


  1. Power: 800W
  2. Temperature: 20…80°C


  1. Cu, Al, brass; Dxl: 40x450mm
  2. Steel, Dxl: 40x300mm
  3. VA, Dxl: 40x300mm
  4. Heating tank: 5L
  5. Cooling tank: 0.5L
  6. Raised tank: approx. 6L
  7. Flow meter: 15…230cm³/min

14 temperature sensors

  1. 12x along the specimen
  2. 2x in cooling water circuit

Measuring Ranges

  1. Temperature: 0…200°C
  2. Power: 0…1000W


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