Hardness Test

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Hardness Test

Product Code: 1.06.01/ATICO55426

Hardness Test Manufacturer

Manually Operated Hardness Tester     

  • Hardness Testing Machine used to measure hardness of metals & alloys of all kinds, hard or soft, whether round, flat or irregular in shapes.
  • Hardness Testing Machine is ideally suitable for laboratories, tool rooms, Heat treatment shops, R&D departments, inspection departments, casting & forging industries, educational institutions.
  • Rockwell & Brinell method is used for checking hardness on metals & alloys of all kinds.
  • Brinell hardness is also checked on non-ferrous materials like Cast iron, Alluminium, etc.
  • Automatic load selection with automatic zero setting dial gauge. Manual Operation


  • Loads: 60,100 kgf
  • Initial Load: 10 kgf
  • Test Height; 230mm
  • Depth of Throat: 133mm
  • Depth of elevating: 240mm
  • Size of Base (Approx.): 17×423 mm
  • Machine height: 635mm
  • Net weight (Kg): 75 Kg
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