Fundamentals of Temperature Measurement Apparatus

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Fundamentals of Temperature Measurement

Product Code: AT510

Fundamentals of Temperature Measurement Apparatus Manufacturer

  1. Experiments in the fundamentals of temperature measurement with 7 typical measuring devices
  2. Various heat sources or storage units: laboratory heater, immersion heater, vacuum flask
  3. Calibration units: precision resistors and digital multimeter, +/-200mV
  4. Mercury, bimetallic and gas pressure thermometers
  5. Temperature sensors: thermocouple type K, thermistor
  6. Various temperature measuring strips
  7. Psychrometer for humidity measurement
  8. Plastic casing for sensors, cables, measuring strips and immersion heater

Technical Data

Immersion Heater

  1. power output: 300W
  2. adjustment of power feed via power-regulated
  3. socket

Laboratory Heater With Thermostat

  1. Power output: 450W
  2. Max. temperature: 450°C
  3. Vacuum flask: 1L

Measuring Ranges

  1. Resistance temperature detector : 0…100°C
  2. Thermocouple type K: 0…1.000°C
  3. Thermistor (NTC): 20…55°C
  4. Mercury thermometer: -10…300°C
  5. Bimetallic, gas pressure thermometer: 0…200°C
  6. Temperature measuring strips: 29…290°C
  7. Precision resistors: 10Ω, 100Ω, 1.000Ω
  8. Psychrometer: thermometer: 0…60°C
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