Francis Turbine Set

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Francis Turbine Set

Product Code: 1.06.01/ATICO64412

Francis Turbine Set Manufacturer


This device is fixed on a fixing plate located on the hydraulics´ bench dowels. o pump Water  a hydraulics bench is used. After that we use a bench equipment to control and measure the flow rate. Water enters the turbine via the flexible hose, and a pressure gauge is provided to measure the turbine inlet head. The water drains into the bench volumetric tank. The turbine case is made in Aluminium featuring a Plexiglas, full diameter end cover providing an observation window through which the student can see the guide vane mechanism in operation.


  • Typical Head: 8 meters
  • Flow rate: 40 litres/min
  • Maximum efficiency: 65%
  • Power output: 20W
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