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Product Code: ABT004

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Principal teaching objectives

  • Study of the influence of the load, the input temperature, the air flow of the product to process.
  • Measurement and control of the input air temperature
  • Measurement of the output air temperature
  • Measurement of the product temperature
  • Measurement of the differential pressure between the upstream and downstream of the distributor
  • Measurement of the input flow by anemometric probe
  • Product sampling
  • Measurement of the input air humidity
  • Measurement of the output air humidity


  • The air flow will is adjusted by a speed driver controlling the motor of the fan thanks to a potentiometer in the front side of the electrical cabinet.
  • The air speed is measured by an anemometric probe.
  • The input air temperature is controlled. The stop of the drying is automatic or manual, either according to a level of humidity, or according to a limit product temperature.

Technical specifications

  • A fan
  • A electrical heater
  • The input temperature of the air flow control the heater resistance

Safety thermostat

  • A conical vat to the basis of the unit, a distributor, a product vat and an expansion area made of stainless steel AISI 304 with windows in polycarbonate.
  • A filtration device at the output of the column
  • An air input with coarse filter
  • Mechanical locking of the product vat
  • Stainless steel frame with aluminium nuts

Instrumentation :

  • Fan with electronic speed driver.
  • Pt 100 probe for measurement of the output air temperature with digital display.
  • Air Humidity measurement probe with digital display and alarm threshold at the input of the fluidised bed movable before or after the resistance.
  • Differential pressure measurement sensor upstream/downstream of the air distributor with digital display.
  • Pt 100 probe for measurement of the product temperature with digital display and alarm threshold
  • Analogical anemometer with digital display and 4-20 mA output for continuous display of the air speed.
  • Battery of heating resistances mounted in a circular duct.
  • Pt 100 probe with auto adaptive and programmable PID digital controller, (continuous display of the measure and the set point) for the measurement of the air input temperature
  • Air humidity measurement probe at the output with digital display
  • Temperature measurement probe at the resistance input
  • Air input filter
  • Filter at the output of the fluidised bed
  • Flexible air trucking for humid and hot air duct to outside
  • Electrical cabinet including :
  • The ON/OFF switch of the heating resistance
  • The temperature controller of the fluidised air input
  • The potentiometer controlling the power of the resistances
  • The displays of the Pt 100 probes, the humidity probes, the differential pressure sensor
  • The potentiometer controlling the air speed
  • All transmitters have 4-20 mA output allowing an eventual data acquisition.

Nota : This unit mustn’t be used with solvents or alcohols.

Essential requirements

  • Dimensions (L x w x h): x 1700 x 700 x 2200 mm
  • Electrical power supply: 8 kW / 220 V – single phase – 50 Hz
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