Fluidisation And Heat Transfer Unit

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Fluidisation And Heat Transfer Unit

Product Code: 1.07.01/ATICO41066

Fluidisation And Heat Transfer Unit Manufacturer


  • Transfer of heat in a fluidised bed
  • Glass reactor, illuminated from the rear
  • Fluidised bed made of corundum, particle size either 100µm or 250µm
  • Adjustable heating element
  • Temperature sensors at heater, air inlet, in fluidised bed
  • Airflow rate measurement with rotameter
  • Safety valve, temperature cut-out at heater, air filter at inlet and outlet

Glass Reactor

  • Capacity: 2,15L
  • Air Requirement: 300L/H
  • Filling Volume: Approx. 1L
  • Operating pressure: 0,5bar


  • Power: 0…100w
  • Surface: approx. 10cm²

Measuring Ranges

  • Temperature air inlet: 0…100°c
  • temperature heater / fluidised bed: 0…400°c
  • airflow rate (rotameter): 10…124 nl/min
  • pressure in fluidised bed: 0…25mbar
  • power: 0…200W
  • 2 manometers: 0…1,6bar
  • LxWxH: 900x460x830mm



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