Flow Boiling Demonstration Apparatus

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Flow Boiling Demonstration

Product Code: AT508

Flow Boiling Demonstration Apparatus Manufacturer

  1. Evaporation in a water pipe evaporator
  2. Laboratory trolley with strong metal sheet
  3. Evaporation pipe made of double-wall glass, heated with hot water
  4. Evaporation in inner pipe, heating in the outer sheath
  5. Circulating pump
  6. Water jet pump for generating partial vacuum

Technical Data


  1. Power rating: 2kW
  2. Temperature range: 5…80°C


  1. Max. flow rate: 1,9m³/h
  2. Max. head: 1,5m
  3. Power consumption: 58W

Water Jet Pump

  1. Required water pressure: 0.5bar
  2. Flow rate: 4…12L/min
  3. Final pressure: 16mbar

Tube Evaporator

  1. length: 1.200mm
  2. Inner diameter: 13,6mm
  3. Outer diameter: 24mm

Liquid For Evaporation

  1. Quantity: 0,5L
  2. Pressure range: -1,0…1,5bar relative
  3. Condenser: copper coil

Measuring Ranges

  1. Pressure: -1…1,5bar relative
  2. Temperature: 0…100°C
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