Equipment For Fluid Properties And Hydrostatics Bench

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Equipment For Fluid Properties And Hydrostatics Bench

Product Code: 1.06.01/ATICO55455

Equipment For Fluid Properties And Hydrostatics Bench Manufacturer


The equipment is mounted on a steel-framed bench fitted with castors. A variety of measuring devices is incorporated, either fastened to the back of the bench or free-standing.

Water is stored in a polythene tank situated on the lower shelf of the bench.

The water can be transferred by two positive-displacement hand pumps, either to an elevated open-storage tank connected to a number of glass tubes for free-surface studies, or to a plastic sink recessed into the working surface so that benchtop experiments may be conducted without spillage. All excess water is returned to the storage tank via the sink drain.

The following experimental apparatus is included:

  • Universal hydrometer and hydrometer jars
  • Falling sphere viscometers
  • Free surface tubes
  • Hook and point gauge
  • Mercury barometer (mercury not supplied)
  • Bourdon gauge
  • U-tube manometers
  • Deadweight pressure gauge calibrator and weights
  • Hydrostatic pressure apparatus
  • Pascal’s apparatus
  • Parallel plate capillary apparatus
  • Capillary tube apparatus
  • Lever balance with displacement vessel, bucket and cylinder
  • Metacentric height apparatus
  • Measuring cylinder
  • Thermometer
  • Air pump
  • 600ml beaker
  • Stop clock

Technical Specification

Universal hydrometer:                               Range 0.70-2.00 subdivided in 0.01 intervals

Falling sphere viscometer:                         40mm tube diameter

Hydrostatic pressure apparatus:                Comprises counterbalanced prevision quadrant

Pivoted on knife edges at its centre of arc

Direct reading barometer:                          With compensated silvered metal scale

Range 585-790mm subdivided in 1mm intervals

Includes thermometer

100mm dial pressure gauge:                      Range 0-200 kN/m2 (kPa) and equivalent head of water in metres

Deadweight pressure gauge calibrator:      With 2 x 0.5kg, 1kg and 2.5kg weights

Lever balance:                                          178mm diameter pan, hook for use in buoyancy experiments, antiparallax cursor, double scales 0-0.25kg and 0-1.00kg

Thermometer:                                           Range -10°C to +50°C

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