Epicylic Gear Train Apparatus

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Epicylic Gear Train

Product Code: 1.06.01/ATICO75616

Epicylic Gear Train Apparatus Manufacturer


Gear Train is any combination of gear wheels by which motion is transmitted from one shaft to another shaft. In epicyclic gear trains, the axes of shafts on which the gears are mounted may move relative to a fixed axis. It is a motorized unit consisting of a SUN gear mounted on input shaft. Planet gears meshes with the annular gear. These planet gears are mounted on a common arm to which output shaft is fitted. Loading arrangement is provided for loading the system and to measure holding torque.

Technical Details:

Motor                                   :           Variable speed motor, 1 HP.
Speed Control Unit           :           Variable Speed Drive for varying the speed of motor.
Dynamometer                    :           Rope Brake type to measure output torque and holding torque.
RPM Measurement          :           Digital RPM Indicator with proximity switch.

To measure epicyclic gear ratio between input shaft and output shaft
To measure input torque, holding torque and output torque.

Utilities Required :
Electricity Supply: 220 VAC, Single Phase, 0.5 kW
Floor Area 2m x 1m.


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