Dynamical Mechanical Analyzer (DMA)

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Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer

Product Code: 1.06.01/ATICO64404

Dynamical Mechanical Analyzer (DMA) Manufacturer

Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer:

High-precision analysis of mechanical properties, as well as ultimate flexibility

Technical Specifications

  • Force: 2000 Newtons
  • Frequency: from 0.00001 Hz to 1000 Hz
  • Displacement: 12 mm
  • Thermal chamber: from -150°C to +500°C
  • High-rigidity one-piece mechanical frame
  • High precision measurement
  • DMA, TMA, creep, stress relaxation, fatigue, crack growth, calorimetry modes on a single instrument
  • Tension/compression/bending/shear
  • Analysis of specimens with material-representative size

Advanced algorithm for precise test

  • Control
  • Broad selection of specimen holders for multiple geometries and dimensions
  • Optical specimen observation system
  • Easily upgradeable to meet specific analytical requirements
  • Atmosphere control and Humidity control
  • Optimized working ergonomics and Reduced maintenance
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