Double Ring Infiltrometer

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double ring

Product Code: 1.07.01|ATICO95330

Double Ring Infiltrometer Manufacturer


For determining permeability of soils.

The instrument consists of two concentric rings, driving plate, with handles for inner and outer rings. The two rings are driven into the ground and partially filled with water. The double ring design helps preventdivergent flow in layered soils. The outer ring acts as a barrier to encourage only vertical flow from the inner ring.

Technical Specifications:-

  • Outer ring diameter is 24″ diameter; Inner ring diameter is 12″ diameter.
  • Sledge: 12 lb., Wood anvil block,
  • 6 foot Steel measuring tape,
  • Shovel and trenching spade,
  • 3″ hand auger, water pail,
  • Stopwatch and carpenter’s level.
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