Compression Testing Machine

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Compression Testing Machine

Product Code: 1.06.01|ATICO75657

Compression Testing Machine Manufacturer


  • Loading accuracy as high as + 1%.
  • Straining at variable speeds to suit a wide range of materials.
  • Continuous roll autographic recorder supplied as standard to enable study of the behaviors of materials.
  • High reading accuracy due to large size and design of dial.
  • Wide range of standard and special accessories, including load stabilizer
  • It is an electric cum hand operated for compression tests on concrete specimens up to 20cm dia and 30 cm in height. The machine meets the essential requirements of various Indian, British & American standards for compression tests.
  • Loading Unit : The hydraulic jack of 200 Ton capacity is fixed to base. The upper platen has got a self aligning action and is attached to a screw which passes through the cross head and can be raised for lowered for initial clearance adjustment. The lower platen rests on the jack ram and is positioned with the help of a centering pin. Loading is accomplished by the upward movement of the lower platen.
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