Chemical Reactor Service Unit

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Chemical Reactor Service Unit

Product Code: 1.06.01/ATICO75673

Chemical Reactor Service Unit Manufacturer


Stainless steel structural frame with 4 leveling feet.

10L (2.5 Gal), 200mm (8″) Diameter, jacketed and insulated, stainless steel (or glass) reactor vessel, with ball-type drain valve and clear acrylic protective guard.

Glass reactor top head (lid) with 9 nozzles/connections for distillation column outlet, agitator, reagent feed port, temperature sensor, sampling port, and pressure sensor connection.

Outlet drain, glass settlement vessel with graduations.

Graduated glass feed tank, 3L (3 qt) with drain valve, feeding tube and siphon (Mariotte) tube.

Provision for optional reactor vapor sampling assembly, including 3³cm glass accumulator with 4 PTFE valves.

50m (2″) Glass distillation column, 650mm (25.5″) long with stainless, Multiknit (Multi-Mesh) packing.

Glass reflux head assembly with PTFE, pneumatically-controlled, diverter valve, and PT 100 Ω temperature sensor.

Glass shell condenser with stainless steel cooling, coil, and thermostatic system safety switch.

Stainless steel distillate cooling heat exchanger.

Easily fitted with optional azeotropic settler system (See option CE12-005) and related 3-way valve set.

Receiver/product collection system including 3-way selection valve, vacuum and vent valves, draining valves, and (2), 2L (2 qt) graduated glass receivers.

Vacuum circuit including isolating valve, glass trap, flow/sampling connections, process isolating valve, setting valve receiver connections, Bourdon vacuum gauge, vent valve, automatic relief valve, absolute pressure transmitter, breather, and traps, allowing for connection to optional vacuum pump (see option CE12-006).

Cooling water circuit, including primary regulating valve, isolating valve, flow meter, 3, regulating valves, connecting tubing and provision for connection to a water source, or optional chiller (see option 600-011 or 600-011D).

6 kW Reactor heat control system, allowing for heating and cooling of reactor, and including oil-type heat control unit with a maximum temperature of 150°c (302°F) and minimum temperature of 30°c, assuming a 15°c supply. Onboard flow rate, pressure and fluid temperature displays. Can be controlled externally via Modbus connection.

System instrumentation including (6) PT 100 ? temperature sensors, 40-400L/h chilled water flow meter (turbinetype), Bourdon vacuum gauge (-1 – 0 bar), industrial quality absolute pressure transmitter (0th 1.2 bar), agitator speed sensor, provision for optional pH indicator (see option C12-008).

Control cabinet and process controls including; primary power (mains) switch, master power and emergency stop switch, touch screen (HMI)/PLC control system providing pressure, temperature, and stirring speed/parameter display and control. Also allows for display and control from remote computer monitor, and allows for data download to excel format via USB connection. Provision for connection via Modbus connection for external control or user-supplied data acquisition systems.


(L x W x H) 60in x 32in x 103in (160cm x 80cm x 260cm)

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