Carbonator Filler

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Carbonator Filler

Product Code: AEFT036

Carbonator Filler Manufacturer


• Accurate control of filling and carbonating variables
• Option of filling and crown seal capping and/or screw top capping at a single station
• 30l process vessel, positioned at a convenient height
• Through puts up to 60l/h achievable (2l bottles) .
• Higher through puts possible with add-on filling/capping system.
• Wide range of cans or bottles can be used from 0.15l to in excess of 2.0l.
• Evaluation service for customer cans and bottles
• C02 content in excess of 10g/l can be realised
• Enhanced colour touch screen control with Help facility as standard
• In-bottle pressure measurement allows accurate and reproducible depressurisation
• Many parameters can be automated
• Carbonates foaming products
• Carbonates at any temperature between 4°C and 20°C
• Premix and postmix capability
• Adds protective gases (N2 connection now standard)
• Improved cleaning programs with heater and spray ball
• Fills non-carbonated drinks


  • Easily reproducible test batches
  • Very flexible and accurate
  • No CO2 loss during filling due to double stage cooling
  • Easy to use: many functions automated
  • Cost saving: for small test batches no production line is required
  • Additional filling/capping head can be added at a later date
  • With different container styles can be filled and capped to individual parameters on the same product run.

    Technical Specifications

    Item description
    Gas pressure: 0-4 bar
    Gas content: 0->10 g/l
    Vessel capacity: 30 litre (certified in accordance with the Pressure Equipment Directive) (27 litre product capacity)
    Contact surfaces: 316SS or food grade silicone hose
    Gasses: CO2 , N2 or any safe, non-flammable alternatives or mixtures.
    During cleaning compressed air is used
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