Calorimeter-Heat of hydration complete with accessories

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Product Code: 1.07.01/ATICO80399

Calorimeter-Heat of hydration complete with accessories Manufacturer


  • Used to determine the heat of hydration of low heat Portland and hydraulic cement.
    The apparatus consists of a Dewar flask contained in an insulated material and housed in a wooden box which is hinged so that the flask can be easily removed or replaced.
    The Calorimeter is supplied complete with a constant speed electric stirrer, and filler glass funnel.
    centesimal glass mercury thermometer, or:
    DIGITAL THERMOMETER. Resolution: 0,01°C. Complete with probe, or:
    DIGITAL THERMOMETER. Resolution: 0,001°C.
    – Memory for 10000 readings
    – Displays, stores and prints: min, max, mean values, delta T
    – Alarm if limit values are exceeded
    – Battery operated
    PROPELLER, conforming to ASTM C186 Specifications
    Paraffin wax with melting point 55°C to coat the glass parts which are in contact with the hydrofluoric acid.
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